Uncover Companies Who Are Ripe for HR Outsourcing (HRO)

Payroll. Benefits Administration. Legal Compliance. Performance Management. All of these company responsibilities become more challenging when a company is experiencing dynamic change, whether it is for the best or the worst.

HR Outsourcing services and Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) can offer an attractive opportunity for companies to manage these critical functions with more ease, and often with a reduction in cost and risk.

However, many companies whose situations are best suited for these offerings are not necessarily considering outsourcing to a third party, as they may be totally unaware of the option, or they may not realize the extent to which their situation lends itself to such a direction.

GrowItSmart's founder, Daniel Solomons, has been credited by HRO Today magazine with inventing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) back in 1997 (see 2007 HRO Superstars). As such, GrowItSmart is particulary well suited to understanding the triggering events that can drive a need for outsourcing in the HR category.

Our research team has combined our knowledge of the field with our sophisticated information gathering and analysis skills towards producing sales leads that are perfectly timed for maximum impact.

The companies that we identify for you, on an exclusive basis, are the ones you should be focusing on before all others.

Due to the exclusivity of the intelligence we provide, we can only service a limited number of competing providers. Contact us today to discover if we have remaining subscriptions in the regions your services cover.